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  1. All Laboratory Fees listed in this catalogue are in Malaysia Ringgit. Any fees revise will be notified prior to the effective date. The fees stated are not inclusive of any statutory or governmental taxes or charges, if such charges applied, it shall be added on in the billing.
  2. The fees indicated as Doctor’s Fee are only inclusive for test analysis and report, specimen collection and delivery of report within local area among clients and relevant specimen collection container (some are charge separately), which shall be charged to the clients (medical doctor or medical institution). It does not include specimen collection from patients or phlebotomy service for patient, out-station specimen collection & report delivery and interpretation of report to the patient. Any such service required shall be charge additionally.
  3. The fees indicated as Patient’s Fee are recommended retail prices that our clients may charge on their patients. However, those are just recommended or indicative prices and our clients have full discretion on the actual price to charge on their patients, unless notified otherwise or impose by any statutory regulations.
  4. Credit term is 30 days from the date of invoice. The policy will be strictly enforced. It will be much appreciated if invoices are settled timely. Interests will be applied on overdue payment.
  5. Please check your invoices upon receipt and notify us of any discrepancy within 10 days. Your statement will be re-process immediately or a separate credit/debit note will be given.
  6. The payment should be made by crossed cheque payable to name as indicate in the invoice:
    GNOSIS LABORATORIES (M) SDN BHD for Peninsular Malaysia.
    GNOSIS LABORATORIES (S) SDN BHD for Sarawak, Malaysia.
    Kindly return the remittance slip together with the cheque payment and indicate your account number and the invoice that you are paying for, on the back of the cheque. Alternatively, may pay electronically via bank’s account transfer.
  7. Our service representative/ marketing staffs and couriers are authorised to collect crossed cheque payment on behalf of the company.

Please kindly contact our Service Representative/Manager for any inquiries regarding pricing or any other client’s service matters or complaints. For invoices, statement and payment can be directed to our account staffs on our service line within normal office hour.



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Overnight on-call or off days on-call can be honored by special arrangement
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